My story

Since 2008, I am coaching people and teams live more and more in line with their life purpose and to enrol their highest future potential.

I started in the corporate world helping people and teams transforming to their desired way of working - mostly the Agile & Lean way. It quickly expanded to whatever individual, group or team you are.

I am also a musician, DJ and producer which made me focussing on my community much more over the last years. And since times are changing and they have to, I am here for you to partner up and help you fly.

"Everything one deprives of its freedom spoils and quickly dies.

Quote by father of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

I am a Trained Co-Active Professional Coach and at the moment on my way to become a ICF Certified Coach. I follow the ICF Code of Ethics.

I pay big attention to the authentic you. To gain your highest potential to me means breaking walls like judgement, cynicism and fear to open up fully - mind, heart and will. With that, you will enrol your deep listening, (re-)connect to all your senses and start co-creating the real and passionate you. 

I am born and raised in the eastern part of Germany - born before the Berlin Wall went down. That's why walls got my attention ever since - analogue and mental walls.

And this is why I decided to became a wall-breaker especially (as I am a musician and creative myself) for my creative community to keep our souls healthy and creative.