What clients say

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I worked with Annika when the Corona crisis first hit.

With little work and a lot of time off, I found myself fortunate to slow down and introspect on my life and deal with sometimes a few painful truths.

At first you try to do the work alone, but after a while I stumbled on one of Annika’s thoughtful posts on her professional Instagram account and that’s when I realised some coaching wouldn’t be bad.

The coaching felt like we took off on a journey together where Annika would help me get out of my comfort zone and into self- empowerment .

After a few months working with her I can truly say, that Annika is responsible for a huge shift in my life. Annika’s professional but very compassionate nature immediately gave me a warm confident feeling when working with her. The fact that she is a good listener and very flexible and in my case always available when I had a sudden panic attack one night made me realise, I couldn’t ask for a better person to do the work with.

Aicha, Music Selector & Jetlyfe attendent at KLM

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Annika stands out for her perceptiveness, open-minded attitude, and her genuine interest in other people.


I’ve had the pleasure to have multiple coaching and mentoring sessions with Annika. One of the things that stands out, is her perceptiveness. Seemingly without effort, she notices body language, phrasing of speech, and intonation, and she uses these observations to deepen the conversation. During our coaching sessions, this helped me to get better answers and to focus more on my intuition and emotions, than on (too) rational analyses. During the evaluation of a meeting (at which Annika was present as part of our mentoring trajectory), she offered a lot of specific feedback about my communication towards colleagues.


Furthermore, Annika shows a genuine interest in other people and she is open-minded. Because of this, I always felt at ease, even when discussing difficult topics.


Annika helped me to define multiple facets of my (professional) personality, in order to employ them consciously. Through conversations and exercises (among which even a joint run in the park), she helped me tremendously to evolve and grow.

Daphne van Es, Mobile Engineer


Mirellys Arteta Davila, iOS Developer

In late 2019, while I was working at ANWB in The Netherlands, I almost had a burn-out. I was struggling with different kinds of situations - both personally and professionally - that I didn’t know how to handle properly. I feel very grateful that at that time I met Annika and I enrolled coaching sessions with her. Annika is very warm, helpful, professional and trustable, which I think are the keys to succeed with coaching. During our sessions, I was able to express my concerns without fear and guided by her I managed to find answers that helped me know myself much more, improve my self confidence, understand my values and be more aware of my possibilities. Today, 7 months later my mindset has changed to the positive. I frame complex situations in a totally different way and I had the courage to make decisions that brought me to a point where I am able to be at my best and show that best to the world.

Thank you so much Annika for your invaluable help.